I was diagnosed with a miscarriage. Can I use the abortion pills?

Miscarriage [1] is diagnosis of a pregnancy that has naturally ended on its own. Many other common terms for miscarriage include (but are not limited to): missed abortion, spontaneous abortion, dead embryo, anembryonic gestation, and non-viable pregnancy.

If you have been diagnosed with a miscarriage (or any of the above), you have several options which include: allowing your body to respond to the miscarriage on it’s own and wait for bleeding, using the abortion pills to expedite the process of bleeding and cramping, thus removing the miscarriage from the uterus, or having an aspiration procedure performed by a professional to remove the miscarriage from the uterus. If you choose to use the abortion pills, the recommendations for the medication use are the same.

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*Nothing provided herein should be construed as professional medical advice and no medication / pills should be used without a prescription from a licensed / registered medical practitioner eligible to prescribe such medication in your local jurisdiction.