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Safe Abortion Stories

Everyday, women around the world decide to terminate their pregnancies. More and more women have successfully used the abortion pills to have a safe and comfortable procedure at home. Abortions with pills are more accessible, private and comfortable than abortions with other methods.

If you had an abortion with pills and whether you received the support of safe2choose, remember that sharing your abortion experience is very important for other women who want to hear real testimonials and feel supported in their decision.

It helps them understand that abortions are personal and each experience is different. Telling your story takes little time and can help a woman who is seeking information about the service provided by our counselors at safe2choose.

Take a few minutes to share your personal experience and/or opinion.Together, let’s prove to the world that abortions are normal and part of anybody’s life. Use this platform to spread your message and help other women understand that abortion is a basic health right.
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In Colombia, abortion is only allowed under certain circumstances. Meet Laura, she wanted her process to be fast so she chose a vacuum aspiration abortion with a trusted provider. She wants to be the best aunty and explore the world with her nieces and nephews.

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Marina is a Mexican who got pregnant after her first time. Her mom raised her alone, but she never spoke about sex, something common in most countries. Taboo is one of the biggest obstacles within sexual and reproductive health. This is her abortion story.

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Marème is currently living an independent life on her own terms, but before that her life was quite complicated. Just like Marème, women know when it’s the best moment to become mothers and when it’s the best time to choose a different life path.

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South Africa

A story in which stigma has no room when talking about abortion. Lizette is all of us. She takes us through her experiences that we can all relate to.

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Nafula, a medical student discovers the disparities between what is taught in school versus the reality on the ground in regard to access to safe abortion medication. In her home country, somewhere in East Africa, Nafula learns that to navigate the complex legal abortion landscape in her country, and help people in her career, joining the safe2choose global referral network helps her to ensure that every person gets the right to make informed decisions about their reproductive health

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Wangari: A Kenyan medical intern is confronted by high unsafe abortion rates in her work. She decides to join the safe2choose Global Referral Network after completing an abortion service providers training. She can now confidently support women who are seeking out a safe medical abortion.

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Safe2choose receives several stories from believers, non-believers, mothers, pregnant ladies, women who don’t want children, people who have lost fetuses, people who are caring for their parents, people who had abortions when they were teenagers, and others who have had illegal abortions in the past.
One of these stories, a story from a lawyer who lived in conservative family shares her own abortion story and exclusive to s2c to remind us that abortion is a matter of choice. Not like the tooth fairy, where something only becomes true if you “believe” in it. Everyone is familiar with and loves at least one person who has experienced an abortion. Abortions are common. There have been several abortions.

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In India, Tanya and her husband agreed that they were happy with our current life and another child would cause them financial strain, reasons why they look for safe abortion options and found safe2choose to terminate their pregnancy. This is their testimonial and abortion story.

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