Abortion Resources – Helpful Options You Needed!

Our resources on abortion care have been designed to be simple, multilingual, and downloadable. Don’t hesitate to share this away with people who might need it. If you would like more information or have suggestions, get in touch with our counseling team.


Downloadable safe abortion protocols

Our abortion protocols in PDF format allows you to download and keep the document even in places where there is limited access to the internet.

Abortion with pills

Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

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Watch our video on safe abortion

Videos are sometimes easier to understand when you want to learn what to expect during your abortion. Watch the following videos to learn about safe abortion options.

Abortion with pills

Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

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Abortion Provider Stigma Survey in collaboration with Ipas

safe2choose led a international survey on abortion provider stigma and produce a comprehensive report in collaboration with Ipas Mexico. To read the results, check our reports below.

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Impact report


This is document provides an overview of safe2choose’s mission, values, and approach to providing safe abortion information and counseling. It also includes information about our impact and success stories from 2022. The white paper is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about safe2choose’s work.

safe2choose’s Annual Report Video

This video provides a visual overview of safe2choose’s impact in 2022. It includes information about the number of pregnant people we have reached, the countries we have worked in, and the impact we have had. The video is a great way to get a quick overview of safe2choose’s work and impact.

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