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Are you looking for safe abortion information and options at safe2choose? Personal stories, country specific legislations, blogs and our other resources can help guide your choice.

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We want to facilitate your access to abortion information. We have assembled downloadable abortion protocols (PDF), instructional videos, and our research studies on this page.


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Abortion information per country

Access to safe abortion care is different in each country. To understand better what is available to you in your country, visit our country pages.


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Abortion stories

Every story is different. Every story is powerful. Abortions are a very common experience for women around the world, and by sharing our stories, we empower other women to do the same. Together we can normalize abortion. Get more abortion information by reading abortion testimonials from women in your country.


Latest blog posts

Let us normalise abortions because let’s face it, many people have more than one

12 February, 2021

Many women seek out abortions more than once in their lifetime, and we ought to speak more about this occurrence. Read more about why it is important to speak about abortions in the plural here: By Belinda Munyeza. Multiple Abortions are common despite the lack of public awareness In 2007, The Guttmacher Policy Review released

Access to Abortions is a Reproductive and a Human Right

08 December, 2020

We all deserve comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Healthcare, including access to abortions and post-abortion care. Not only is overall care a reproductive right, but it is also a fundamental right. By Kylie Kiunguyu Rights and freedoms are inseparable Rights and freedoms are interlinked; you cannot give a woman access to partial reproductive healthcare if she is

A Path to Decision, A Path to Support: A Day in the life of an Abortion Counselor in India

02 October, 2020

By Saabira 30-year-old Saabira is one of the safe2choose counselors and is based in India. Her everyday life includes talking to women through their abortions and guiding them to make informed choices about their bodies. Although abortion is legal in India, she – like many abortion counselors – deals with moments where she feels judged