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Are you looking for safe abortion information and options at safe2choose? Personal stories, country specific legislations, blogs and our other resources can help guide your choice.

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Safe abortion care is different in each country. To understand better what is available to you in your country, visit our country pages.


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Our resources include: downloadable abortion protocols (PDF), instructional videos, and our research studies.


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Abortion stories

Abortions are a common experience for women. Sharing your story can be a powerful tool to help normalize abortion care, and may also help other women feel confident to do the same. Read (or share your own) abortion testimonials from women in your country.


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Prochoice guests from all over the world have honest and meaningful conversations about safe abortions in the podcast episodes.


Latest blog posts

Wondering about abortion pills and COVID-19 vaccines? Here’s what we know so far.

By B.Okeyo When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines and women’s reproductive health, so much conflicting information is out there; however, none of it seems conclusive. Additionally, as the vaccines have only just been developed, there is a lack of empirical research to support some claims that are being purported. From history, we know that when

Abortion in Bangladesh

By Rathi R. Abortion is illegal and governed by the penal code, Act XLV, in Bangladesh. The law, implemented on October 6, 1860, is a colonial relic of the English Common Law, which the British brought to the Indian subcontinent. Even though England changed its laws in 1967, abortions in Bangladesh remain unrecognized to date

Ada’s Abortion Journey on International Safe Abortion Day

Ada’s abortion journey   Take a journey with Ada to discover her story. Like many people, she has just found out that she is pregnant, but she cannot afford to raise another child. She has decided to have an abortion. What will her options be, and what will she choose? Take a couple of minutes today