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Are you looking for safe abortion information and options at safe2choose? Personal stories, country specific legislations, blogs and our other resources can help guide your choice.

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Abortion information per country

Safe abortion care is different in each country. To understand better what is available to you in your country, visit our country pages.


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Our resources include: downloadable abortion protocols (PDF), instructional videos, and our research studies.


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Abortion stories

Abortions are a common experience for women. Sharing your story can be a powerful tool to help normalize abortion care, and may also help other women feel confident to do the same. Read (or share your own) abortion testimonials from women in your country.


Latest blog posts

4 Movies and TV Series That Get Abortion Right

Depictions of abortion in movies and TV series often get it wrong. When they are not portraying abortion unrealistically or sensationally, on-screen portrayals also often lack sufficient narrative complexity, thereby reducing an otherwise complex issue to a number of predictable banalities. In Hollywood, for example, there has been a notable tendency to exaggerate the medical

Press Release: International Survey Report for Abortion Providers and Companions

For Immediate Release Contact: and Ipas CAM have co-authored an International Survey Report aimed at understanding the stress, stigma, violence, and discrimination faced by Abortion Providers and Companions because of their job. safe2choose and Ipas have co-authored an International Survey Report of abortion providers and companions in order to highlight the experiences of

Abortion Provider Stigma: The Overlooked Side of the Story

More often than not, the discourse on abortion tends to center the experiences of the women who seek abortions. Without a doubt, the focus placed on these women is with good reason. After all, the social stigma they face from their communities when seeking to exercise agency over their own bodies is significant. In some