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A podcast that seeks to normalise the conversation on safe abortions, promoting a shift in the rhetoric around the matter, in a bid to create a community in which choice is celebrated and more importantly, nurtured.

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Season 1: Demystifying abortion stories

safe2choose is proud to bring you Season 1 of the Mind Your Uterus Podcast, in which we dive into the diverse abortion stories out there, in a bid to normalise the conversation and demystify narratives around the procedure. Much of the information that exists in the public domain surrounding abortions tend to portray them as daunting and unsafe, yet methodologies have been improved upon and many women across the globe undergo the procedure safely. Join us as we speak with medical professionals, advocates and everyone in between as we tackle the myths around abortion stories.

List of episodes

EP 11: Season 1 Finale


This year, safe2choose sought to open up the conversation on abortion using a different medium that would allow us to have candid conversations about abortions, the stigma that surrounds them, and the various modalities at play in limiting women’s access to this crucial service. We hope everyone has been able to learn from the stories and lived experiences of the wonderful guests who so graciously gave us their time and knowledge throughout the season. Join us in our last episode as we reflect on the lessons learnt and the charter the way forward

EP 10: Abortion Provider Stigma


Our focus this season, when looking into abortion stigma has looked at it through the lense of those seeking the service, but those who provide the service also feel the brunt of stigma. In this episode, we hear the perspective of two providers working in the abortion space to better understand the extent to which abortion stigma impacts their work and well being

EP 9: Liberalising Abortion Access: A Focus on Namibia

EP 9: Liberalising Abortion Access: A Focus on Namibia

In recent years, protests have precipitated in Namibia with women calling for reform. Their demand? Liberalising abortion as a means of addressing direct public health needs
Beyond legislation, increasing access to abortions services includes a multi-pronged approach in which all sectors of healthcare access are liberated. In this episode, we dive into what liberalisation means in the context of Southern Africa with our guest Ndiilokelwa Nthengwe
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EP 8: Media and the Culture of Stigma with Sneha Nair

EP 8: Media and the Culture of Stigma

Now more than ever, media has an immense impact on the information we have on various subject matters, because in many ways, it is all we can consume. There are benefits to this; easier access, people are more informed and general awareness of issues we otherwise would not know of. However, there can be many drawbacks including the propagation of a single story and more generally, misinformation. In this episode, Sneha Nair, content manager for HowToUse, and I discuss the impact that media has on the way in which we perceive abortions and the collective responsibility we all have to ensure that diverse narratives are highlighted when speaking about the procedure to reduce stigma.

EP 7: The Power of Grassroots Action with Samara

EP 7: The Power of Grassroots Action with Samara

The greatest source of knowledge when it comes to enacting change for communities, is from the communities themselves. In this episode, we look at the nature in which SheDecides in South Asia has been championing this way of enacting change in the abortion space. Our Guest Samara walks us through her work and how she has noticed the efficacy of centering the voices of those whose lives we hope to radically change through advocacy and policy change.

EP 6: Telemedicine and Abortion Access with Pauline Diaz and Michell Mor

EP 6: Telemedicine and Abortion Access

Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present to each other. Today we’re joined by Pauline Díaz and Michell Mor to discuss how telemedicine fits into the grand scheme of increasing access to abortion services. Not only does it help provide information on abortion services, it also gives people the opportunity to take back ownership ober ther interactions with healthcare services.

EP 5: Purity Culture and Reproductive Health With Ann Kay

EP 5: Purity Culture and Reproductive Health

Linda Klein describes components of purity culture as “ men are taught their minds are evil, whereas women are taught their bodies are evil. That is to say, men’s thoughts and actions are said to be either pure or impure, while women themselves are said to be either pure or impure.” It is this belief system that often facilitates stigma in women when they seek contraceptive or abortion services. We dive into this with Ann Kay, a feminist from Zambia as we seek to learn the ways in which purity culture impacts women in southern africa and their reproductive bodily autonomy.

EP 4: Abortions In South Africa With Kanyisa Booi

EP 4: Abortions In South Africa

Contexts such as those found in South Africa teach us alot about abortion access; it does not stop at legislation. Like many women across the globe, South African women are afforded abortion access via legislation, but the stigma upheld by practitoners and people alike often means they struggle to access it, and even if they do, the mental turmoil they go through can often detract them from seeing the procedure through. Join us as we speak with Kanyisa Booi to discuss mental health, abortion stigma and a way forward for abortion accesibility that acknowledges the impact of stigma on those seeking the service.
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EP 3: Abortions Have Moved Forward With DKT Womancare Global

EP 3: Abortions Have Moved Forward With DKT Womancare Global

At some point in the trajectory of abortion services, there were many methodologies for terminating a pregnancy that were very dangerous. But in 2021, we are far from that era. There are various abortion options available, many of which are decentralised and in theory, accesible to many people. Join us as we speak with Alice from DKT Womancare Global as she takes us through the different types of abortions, while highlighting the ways in which DKT Womancare Global is championing abortion access across the globe.

EP 2: Global Gag Rule With Melisa Malmod & Gisela Foz – Pt II

EP 2: Global Gag Rule Pt II

In the second part of episode two, we continue discussing the impact the Global Gag Rule has had on different countries around the world. We’ll go into detail with Gisela Foz and Melisa Trad Malmod about the Hyde Amendment and how it has restricted access to abortion services. We’ll focus on the ramifications of the legislations in the context of Latin America

EP 2: Global Gag Rule With Melisa Malmod & Gisela Foz – Pt I

EP 2: Global Gag Rule - Pt I

The Global Gag Rule is a piece of legislation that has actively hindered the ability of women across the globe to access abortion services. It has restricted organisations from providing the service and the Trump Era was one of the most detrimental phases of this legislation. Now that it has been repealed, what does abortion access look like, and more importantly, what are the sentiments that have guided it and any other legislative practices similar in nature. Join us as we discuss this with a Latina America focus with Melisa Melmod and Gisela Foz.

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EP 1: 2+ Abortions with Karen Thurston

EP 1: 2+ Abortions with Karen Thurston

Karen Thurston is the founder of 2+ Abortions worldwide, a platform that seeks to normalise the act of seeking an abortion more than once in their lifetime. We have recently brought you episodes where we have discussed the stigma surrounding abortions. But what is often implied when advocating for access to safe abortions is that a woman will only seek one in her lifetime. The data shows this is not the case, and we ought to shed more light on the misdirected stigma around having multiple abortions.

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