Abortion by Manual Intrauterine Aspiration (MVA)

Abortion is a personal decision, but it must be safe for you to take care of yourself. Each abortion is unique. This is why you are going to feel different emotions and this is completely NORMAL!

Our team of counselors is available to support all women around the world who may need abortion information and services, including pre-and post-abortion care.

There are different abortion methods depending on the development of the fetus, the country you live in, or the method you feel comfortable with. Our pregnancy calculator can help you decide which method or technique is right for you.

In this article, we are going to focus more on Manual Intrauterine Aspiration Abortion (MVA), which is a technique that uses aspiration through a cannula to remove the products of conception; it can be performed during the first and/or second trimester of pregnancy up to 14 weeks gestation or in a clinical examination room. This is sometimes referred to as aspiration, vacuum, or surgical abortion, not to mention pre- and post-abortion care.

Your body speaks to you… listen to it!

care after surgical abortion

safe2choose: Counselling before and after an abortion, psychological and emotional support platform has been established

Every woman who needs an abortion can get counseling from safe2choose. This includes pre-abortion counseling, where you can talk about your pregnancy options before making an appointment, and post-abortion counseling if you feel the need to express how you feel.

Our fully qualified, sympathetic, and educated female counselors provide counseling over the phone or in person in a private, nonjudgmental environment. We aim to make sure that during your trip, you experience complete physical and emotional support.

You won’t be forced to make decisions by our counselors. You can talk to them about your emotions and work on coping with the abortion method with them. Moreover, our services are accessible to all women all over the world in English, Hindi, Kiswahili, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Wolof, and many other languages.

You can always communicate directly with our counselors via the website’s live chat feature or by email, via our mail address: info@safe2choose.org

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