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Age: | March 13, 2017

My experience with safe2choose definitely exceeded my expectations. At first I felt my world cave in on me when I found out. I have had a stable partner for a long time now but I also have a lot of dreams that don’t include having a child right now. I had seen safe2choose in Facebook months back and I thought that if I ever needed that kind of support I would contact them. That is just what happened. I had the test in my hand and I went straight home to contact safe2choose. Their response was almost immediate. They gave me all the information and resolved all my questions (I asked a lot of questions!). In less than 1 week I had the pills, and 2 days later I started the procedure. I started feeling pain only 10 minutes after having the misoprostol underneath my tongue (30 hours before I had taken mifepristone). Yes, the pain was very strong, the strongest pain I’ve ever felt, but it only lasted about an hour. Then, when the Ibuprofen started to work the pain went down significantly and 3 hours later the abundant bleeding started and lots of clots came out, but nothing to worry about. The next day I woke up almost normal, without any pain and only bleeding. Unfortunately, I did not follow the instructions they gave me about resting after the abortion and 2 weeks later I carried some heavy things and had a hemorrhage. I went to the hospital and they performed a D&C. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions about resting, even if you feel great. An abortion is not a game and your body needs some time to recuperate. My emergency was due to me not following the instructions but safe2choose did a great job. Everything was how they told me it would be. I recommend their services, especially in my country where it is illegal and difficult to access. Thank you safe2choose! I will forever be grateful.

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