I am from a country where abortion is illegal. I never understood the gravity of this until I had to make the decision myself. It has been difficult finding a source or clinic here that I could trust because I couldn’t verify whether their products were safe or if they would even deliver. A lot of women die here due to unsafe abortion procedures because they have no one they could turn to for help. I was fortunate to have been able to communicate with one of the counselors through the livechat of safe2choose. I was talked out of going through with my decision to accept pills from a source here in my country that was charging so much for pills that I couldn’t even be sure was safe. After talking with her I knew that I could trust safe2choose. I was not judged or discriminated against because of my decision. I was treated with kindness and respect. All throughout the process I was guided on what I had to do to ensure I was safe. I was given clear instructions on the process and all my questions have been answered even after I have received the pills. I was in good hands. The pills worked as they should. The only complication I think I experienced was the foul odor of the blood that was coming out a week after I took the misoprostol pills. They explained that that could mean infection and that I should get it check out by a doctor. But the bleeding has almost come to a complete stop now and the smell isn’t as strong anymore. I will be forever thankful to the people behind this organization for helping me through a difficult situation in my life.