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Why is access to safe abortion fundamental?

Why is reproduction our choice and access to safe abortion fundamental? @JamshoroRdf (Twitter) No to abortion discrimination and access to safe abortion would be fundamental right. @Sally Mboumien (Facebook) Society should take away the feminine mould. Pourquoi la santé reproductive est-elle notre choix et l’accès à l’avortement sécurisé est-il fondamental? @sally_thiam (Instagram) On l’encourage pour…

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Nigeria, 26 years old

I just met this new guy and the sex was great, we used condoms every time we had sex so I felt safe. I am still with my long time boyfriend who I had sex with but I practiced the withdrawal method. Then I missed my period, I had a pregnancy test and it was…

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Australia, 26 years old

I got pregnant from my partner who was living in a different country than me at the time. I have always been an advocate for a woman’s right to choose, but when it happened to me I just felt completely lost. I was so lucky to have the support from my parents during this time.…

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GG, United States, 23 years old

Every woman’s experience is different, but I am here to tell mine today. I hope this helps some women out there with their questions and hopefully eases some of the nervousness. My abortion story: I went to the clinic with my sister (yes there were protestors, they tried to grab my sister and walk her…

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Last updated on 18/12/2020

Brenda, Colombia

Author: Brenda
Country: Colombia

Last updated on 18/12/2020

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