How to use Misoprostol for abortion

Abortion with Misoprostol Protocol

De abortion medicine na make you use Mifepristone and Misoprostol together or make you use only Misoprotol. Dis page dey give informate wey full ground about how to use only Misoprostol for abortion with medicine. If na only Mifepristone dey wey you fit buy, abeg see dis guide.

Before starting

Misoprostol go work well well (80-85%) [1, 2] if you wan commot belle wey dey 13 weeks or less.

Remember say dis informate na for abortion with medicine for belle wey dey 13 weeks or less, if you count from de first day of your last period [1, 2, 3]. Since we no get de training to support abortion wey de belle don pass 13 weeks, we go do our best to send you to person wey fit handle de matter.

To dey sure say dis method go safe for you, we go advise say make you go read de last session about de Contraindication if you use abortion medicine. If you no sure say e go good for you, contact us.

Misoprostol dosage for abortion

You go need 12 tablet of Misoprostol

If e no easy to buy 12tablet of Misoprostol, you fit 8tablet of Misoprostol, but the effectiveness go reduce, e go better make you call one of our person weh go advise you. If your belle dey between 10-13 weeks; e dey very important sey you use 12tablet of Misoprostol.

Make sure say each tablet na 200 mcg. [7]

if the drug weh you deh buy get different dosage of mcg, you go need to recalculate the total number of tablet, so that you go fit use the correct amount of medicine. [8]

If you get any question, abeg no delay, contact us. We dey here to support you throughout your abortion.

How you go take take Misoprostol for safe abortion

De wahala wey you go see after you don take Misoprostol go start sharp sharp. So, choose de time wey go make sense for you. Wey you dey house and you no get anything wey you need to do.


Step 1: Take 800 mg of Ibuprofen

You no need to do dis one, but e go betta if you do am. Ibuprofen go reduce de belle pain and e go help you reduce any wahala like dey catch person wey fit show face because of de Misoprostol medicine wey you take [9]. Remember say, you fit use Ibuprofen throughout de abortion and after wen you need am. Women wey Ibuprofen and NSAIDs no good for dia bodi fit go read de questions wey people dey always ask for advise as e take concern dis matter.

If you get medicine wey no go let you dey feel like say you wan vomit, den you fit take am.

wait for one hour

Step 2: Put 4 Misoprostol medicine under your tongue (sublingual) for 30 minutes.

E dey ok for the medicine to be under your tongue for 30 minutes so your body go fit take am inside. After 30 minutes don reach, you fit drink water to wash and swallow the remaining medicine down your belle. [1]

If you vomit after 30 minutes when you don put Misoprostol under your tongue, the thing fit no work. So you go need to repeat second step.

If you vomit after de medicine don dey under your tongue for 30 minutes, you no need to repeat second step again, because de medicine don already dey inside your bodi.

Wait for 3 hours

Step 3:You go repeat second step, then you go put anoda 4 Misoprostol medicine under your tongue (sublingual) for 30 minutes.

Wait for 3 hours

Step 4: You go repeat the secod step, then you go put anoda 4 Misoprostol medicine under your tongue (sublingual) for 30 minutes.

Bleeding dey always start after several hours. If 24hours don reach after you don take your first 4tablet of Misoprostol and you still neva start to dey bleed or feel pain, CALL US. No use any other tablet again until our person don examine your situation

Wetin you go see wen you take Misoprostol for abortion

After you don take Misoprostol, you go feel pain for your belle and you go see blood. Some women (no be all) go dey see thick thick blood. You no go know wen de belle pain and de blood go start. Most times, e dey start inside first 24 hours, but e fit e be many hours later. [10]

Blood wey you go see suppose plenti pass de blood wey you dey see wen you dey do your period, or at least dem fit be de same thing. De blood go dey come of and on for many days or weeks sef after you don use de medicine. De blood wey you go dey see, and de sign say belle dey your bodi go dey commot small small as day dey pass. [11]

For women wey dia belle dey between 10-13 weeks, you go still dey see blood and dey feel pain, and you fit also see de small thing we don dey form as pikin wen e go come out [1]. Many times, e dey mix with de blood wey you go see and you fit no know sef say e don come out. But even if you see am and you sabi am, e dey normal. Nothing spoil, just wrap am inside sanitary pad, or you fit flush am inside toilet.

Remember say abortion different, wetin people go experience dey different and e no be de same from woman to woman.

Many women who commot belle no feel as if dem get belle again for like 5 days after dem don use Misoprostol. If de sign say you get belle dey reduce and e don start to dey disappear after you don use de medicine, dis na good sign say de belle don commot. [12]

De wahala wey fit show face wen you take Misoprostol

After you don use Misoprostol, de wahala wey you fit see fit last for few hours or days [13]. Dem be:

  • Make bodi dey hot
  • Dey shit anyhow
  • Wan be like say you wan vomit/make you dey vomit
  • Headache
  • Make cold dey catch person

Dey careful

To avoid too much blood and/or infection, e go betta if for de coming week or until de blood don reduce [14], make you:

  • No put anything inside your toto like de pad wey dem dey shuk inside toto, menstrual cup
  • No put anything inside your toto like de pad wey dem dey shuk inside toto, menstrual cup

Note: No evidence talk say you fit wait so so so time before you nack again after you don use de abortion medicine, but we go advise say make you hold bodi until de blood stop and make you listen to your bodi and your desire. [2]


Wen alarm don blow: dey find help

If any of dis things happen to you, just know say alarm don dey blow and say serious gbege don dey happen. Just run like say fire dey burn you go meet your healthcare people:

  • If you use two or more pads (dem soaked front to back, side to side) in 1 hour or less and dis last for 2 hours or more.
  • Your bodi dey hot like oven of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and e no reduce even wen you take Ibuprofen. Use thermometer check am.
  • Your bodi dey hot like oven of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and e no reduce after 24 hours wey you take Ibuprofen. Use thermometer check am.
  • Pain no reduce after you take ibuprofen.
  • De colour or smell of your blood dey different from your normal period or de smell bad.
  • If your hand, neck, and face dey red, swell up or e dey scratch you. E fit mean say de medicine no good for your bodi. You fit use antihistamine, but if you dey find am hard to breathe, den na very serious gbege be dat, dem gas carry you rush go hospital sharp sharp. [15]

Who write am:

by the safe2choose team and supporting experts at carafem, based on the 2020 recommendations by Ipas and the 2012 and 2014 recommendations by the World Health Organisation.

carafem dey give easy and professional abortion care and family planning so dat people fit control de number and space dia children.

Ipas na the only international organization wey dey make sure sey people dey get help for safe abortion and contraceptive care.

WHO na specialized agency for United Nations wey dey take care of people health thoughout the wholeworld

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