Abortion with medicine

Abortion with medicine

Dem dey call medical abortion [1] abortion with medicine. Some dey also call am self-induced abortion, self-managed abortion [2] or do-am-yourself (DIY) abortion.

If you use abortion medicine you go experience bleeding and your belle fit dey pain you. De pain na de same thing with de one wey you go feel if your period wan come or if you get miscarriage (natural abortion).

De abortion medicine na make you use Mifepristone and Misoprostol together or make you use only Misoprotol.


– Mifepristone na medicine wey dey block progesterone, de hormone wey dey support belle. If no progesterone, de belle no go grow. Mifepristone na only one half of wetin dem dey call abortion medicine or medical abortion, e no go cause abortion by himself. [3]

– Mifepristone dey also make cervix soft, e go make Misoprostol work well well. [4]

– Mifepristone alone no fit comot belle, Person also need Misoprostol. [5]

– Dem dey use Mifepristone for abortion or miscarriage, because of laws wey dey person country, e fit hard to buy am. [6]


– Misoprostol na medicine wey dey make de Uterus dey shift anyhow, and dis go make belle commot because of pain and de blood wey go dey come out.

– Dem fit use only Misoprostol do medical abortion, but e go betta and work well if you use Misoprostol and Mifepristone.

– Misoprostol get other medical uses no be for only abortion, (e fit cause labour, postpartum hemorrhage, ulcer, etc), so e dey easy to find am. [7]

WHO add Mifepristone and Misoprostol to the list as medicine wey dey very important and dem say na for safe abortion. [8]

To sabi how to do safe abortion wit Mifepristone and Misoprostol, press here. If na only Misoprostol you wan use, press here.

How abortion medicine take safe reach and wetin you suppose do:

medical abortion dey safe for many women. Only few medical condition dey if you use abortion medicine[9]

NO use Mifepristone if

– You don dey use steroid tay tay (steroid like Prednisone or Dexamethasone). But you fit do de abortion wit only Misoprostol.

NO use Mifepristone and Misoprostol if [10]:

– You dey use anticoagulants (blood thinners) like Heparin and Warfarin

– You get bleeding disorder like Prophyria

– You get chronic adrenal failure

– Mifepristone, Misoprostol or prostaglandins no good for your bodi. How you go take know be say you don use dem before and you get wahala or bodi do you one kain. But e no go dey possible to know if you neva use am before.

– You get ectopic pregnancy (belle wey dey grow outside de uterus). If you use am, de medicine no go do you anything and e no go commot de belle. If you know say you get ectopic pregnancy, go yarn with your healthcare people.

If you dey use IUD intra-uterine device) no be wahala at all if you wan use abortion medicine, but you go need to dey careful. De wahala wey ectopic pregnancy get (belle wey no dey grow inside de uterus) go increase if you get IUD. Pain sef go increase. Our advise be say make you commot your IUD first before you use abortion medicine. [11]

If you no sure whether abortion medicine dey safe for you, contact us! We go help you look if e go make sense for you.

Remember say for safe2choose, we only dey trained to help women who wan use abortion medicine inside de first 13 weeks wey belle enter If your belle don pass, we go do our best take send you go anoda organization wey dem train for dat kain matter to support you. [12]

contraindications to the abortion pills

Wetin to expect wen you dey do abortion wit medicine

After you don use de abortion medicine, bodi go dey do you like say your period don come or you get miscarriage. If you dey use Mifepristone, you no go see any of dis things. You fit only see am only wen you use Misoprostol.

De things wey you suppose see/feel be: pain for belle, bleeding, and thick thick blood fit dey commot. You fit dey get serious bleeding and pain inside de first 48 hours after you use Misoprostol, and you fit experience bleeding sometimes for some days even weeks. [13]

Misoprostol fit cause small wahala wey go commot sharp sharp like make bodi dey hot, make cold dey catch person, make person dey shit anyhow, make person dey feel like say e wan vomit, make person dey vomit and make person dey get headache. If you no see any of dis wahala, no shaking, you dey alright. If you see any of dis wahala, no fear, inside 48 hours or less, e go disappear. [13]

Contact us make we tell you how to manage de wahala wey show face.

How to know if de abortion medicine work

If you use de medicine as dem take talk, and you see blood wey plenti as if you dey do your period or de blood pass sef, for many hours, dat means say de medical abortion dey successful. Sign say you get belle (make breast soft, make person dey feel like say e wan vomit, make person tire), go dey stop small small and den e go disappear around 5 days after you don use de abortion medicine. Dis na to also show say, de medicine work well well. [11]

Although e no need, but if you wan dey over sure, you fit do any of dis test:

Urine test (urine hcg): dis test dey very simple and you fit do am to dey sure say de belle don commot. You fit do am for house. We go advise make you wait at least 4 weeks after you don use de abortion medicine. If you do am well, once is don reach like 4 weeks and you take de test, e suppose show negative.

Blood test (quantitative hcg): to do dis test, you gas go see your health care people. Dis test go make sense pass if you do am wen you still get belle and now wey you don commot de belle to fit compare dee hormone level. If you choose dis test, do am 4 weeks after you don commot de belle, because by dat time, de hormone wey dey show say person get belle suppose don commot for de person blood. If no hormone dey, de belle don commot be dat.

Ultrasound: to do dis test, you gas go see your healthcare people and de test go show if belle still dey. Even if de belle don commot, some blood tissue fit still dey de belle for at least 2 weeks. No go do de ultrasound before 2 weeks o, de result wey you go see no be am. If you go do dis test, e go betta make you wait for at least 2 weeks, unless gbege don happen and you need to do ultrasound sharp sharp.

If 48 hours don pass after you use de last Misoprostol medicine, and you neva see blood or na shikini shikini blood you dey see, den, e fit be say de belle neva commot o. [14]

Try again wit abortion medicine. Contact us if na your case be dis, so dat we go fit support you.

Medical care after de abortion medicine

If no gbege happen, den you no need any medical care. You no need to do pregnancy test, or ultrasound or do D&C.

how to know if the abortion pills were effective

Fertility and your period after abortion

After abortion (surgical or medical), your period suppose start. You go ovulate again 10 days after. Dis one mean say belle fit enter again if you nack without protection. [11]

If you no ready to get belle again, find de package wey no go let belle enter use. To sabi more informate, go FindMyMethod.org

Your period fit come back like 4 to 6 weeks after you use de abortion medicine. [15]

Who write am:

by de safe2choose team and supporting experts at carafem, based on the 2020 and recommendations by The National Abortion Fund (NAF).

De National Abortion Fund (NAF) be de professional association of abortion providers North America.

carafem dey give easy and professional abortion care and family planning so dat people fit control de number and space dia children.

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