Can I use Misoprostol that comes with Diclofenac?

There are pills that contain Misoprostol and Diclofenac, one of the most common being a medication called Oxaprost [1]. It is not advised to use this medication for abortion, however if restrictions prevent access to Misoprostol it can be used, but you must consider the following: If you use the pills sublingual or buccally you should not swallow the remains of the pills after having them 30 minutes in your mouth. The part of the pill that will be absorbed is Misoprostol and the part that you will spit out is Diclofenac. It is important that you do not swallow the part that contains Diclofenac so you do not exceed the recommended dosage of Diclofenac. If you do not spit it out, it could lead to intoxication with the excess of Diclofenac.

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