What Are the Potential Risks and Complications For a Vacuum Aspiration Abortion?

When performed by trained health professionals, a vacuum aspiration abortion is a very safe in-clinic abortion method. However, there are still some risks to the procedure, which include:

  • heavy bleeding;
  • infection;
  • injury to the uterus and surrounding structures; and
  • incomplete abortion.

After a vacuum aspiration abortion, there are also a few signs that women should pay attention to. You should seek clinical attention if you experience:

  • heavy bleeding (completely soaking two pads, per hour, for two hours in a row or more);
  • a fever (of more than 38°C or 100.4F) for more than 24 hours after the procedure;
  • severe, worsening pelvic pain; and
  • continued signs of pregnancy (increasing nausea, breast tenderness, etc.). [1]

[1] “Clinical updates in reproductive health.” Ipas, 2020, www.ipas.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ClinicalUpdatesInReproductiveHealthCURHE20-English-digital.pdf. Accesed November 2020.


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