Is Surgical Abortion Safe?

An in-clinic abortion is a safe and effective method for elective abortion or management of a miscarriage. Surgical abortion is very safe when performed by a trained health-care provider in a clinic or hospital. Clinics providing surgical abortions should follow the standards and guidelines set out by a regional organization and/or by the recommendations for safe abortion produced by the World Health Organization (WHO)

These guidelines should address items, including (but not limited to): – who can provide an abortion,

  • management of medication,
  • cleaning of equipment,
  • management of biomedical waste, and
  • training and performance of health-care providers,
  • etc.

Women seeking an abortion should ensure that the clinic they choose uses safe, approved methods of abortion. Surgical abortion is about 99% effective [1].

[1] “Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems.” World Health Organization, second edition, 2012, Accesed November 2020.


*Nothing provided herein should be construed as professional medical advice and no medication / pills should be used without a prescription from a licensed / registered medical practitioner eligible to prescribe such medication in your local jurisdiction.