safe2choose dey grow , so we need people wey sabi, and wey dem train well well to help do wetin we say we go do – to connect women all around the world to ogbonge information on a personal level about make person commot belle safely, so dat dem go fit commot belle anywhere, anytime and wit the person wey dem dey very comfortable wit.

We die here:

We dey give information as e dey hot on top wetin science talk about make person commot belle safely.
We dey give counseling wey dey safe, dey private, dey all right for you, and stigma no dey and we no go judge you at all.
We dey do our best to send you go organization wey we trust wen you need am.
You fit reach us easily, we dey friendly and we go support you.
We respect say you get the right to make decision about your health and your life.

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Nothing for you?

We dey always allow make people drop dia application as e dey hot to become volunteer wey dem dey pay, or dem no dey pay.
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