4 Movies and TV Series That Get Abortion Right

Depictions of abortion in movies and TV series often get it wrong. When they are not portraying abortion unrealistically or sensationally, on-screen portrayals also often lack sufficient narrative complexity, thereby reducing an otherwise complex issue to a number of predictable banalities.  In Hollywood, for example, there has been a notable tendency to exaggerate the medical…

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Abortion Provider Stigma: The Overlooked Side of the Story

More often than not, the discourse on abortion tends to center the experiences of the women who seek abortions. Without a doubt, the focus placed on these women is with good reason. After all, the social stigma they face from their communities when seeking to exercise agency over their own bodies is significant. In some…

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Press Release: International Survey Report for Abortion Providers and Companions

                                    For Immediate Release Contact: communications@safe2choose.org safe2choose.org and Ipas CAM have co-authored an International Survey Report aimed at understanding the stress, stigma, violence, and discrimination faced by Abortion Providers and Companions because of their job. safe2choose and Ipas…

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Safe vs. Unsafe Abortion Methods: A Guide

By Belinda Munyeza. Worldwide, abortions have progressively become safer since the 1990s due to improved clinical facilities and protocols being made available to women seeking abortions (1). Even in regions with restrictive laws and where clandestine abortions are prevalent, abortions have become safer due to increased access to less invasive methods, such as the use…

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Abortion and your sexual health: Here’s what to expect after having the procedure

Many myths around sexual and reproductive health following an abortion continue to pervade society. Safe abortions come with very few complications; you can learn more about your general sexual health after an abortion here:

By Belinda Munyeza. Women seeking abortion services have many worries around complications that may arise following the procedure, particularly pertaining to fertility and sexual health. Some of these worries are rooted in misconceptions surrounding the procedure or lack of adequate information around abortion procedures and the risks. This is why it is important to discuss…

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Abortions in Cambodia: How telemedicine could help more women access safer options | safe2choose

Age-old traditions in Cambodia continue to impede upon women’s ability to access safe abortions, despite them being legal for up to 12 weeks. Through digital platforms, the information gap can be shortened, thus allowing for safe abortion practices. Read more about it here.

By Kylie Kiunguyu. More often than not we discuss the illegality of abortion as the main limitation towards receiving comprehensive reproductive health care, but there are other obstacles that limit abortion access, for example, what is observed in countries such as Cambodia. Although it has one of the more liberal abortion laws, women on the…

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Advocating for better Abortion Laws in Zimbabwe

Every woman must feel like she can decide freely and responsibly, without discrimination, coercion, or violence. This piece seeks to highlight the importance of advocating for women and girls in Zimbabwe to support safe and easily accessible abortion services.

Written By Miriro Rupende. Every woman has the right to make decisions freely and responsibly, without discrimination, coercion,  or violence. The number, spacing, and timing of children, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health, should be solely dependent on each woman’s wishes. This short piece seeks to advocate for…

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I would like to be afforded the dignity of choice

Safe abortions, save lives. The decision of whether or not to have an abortion, rests with the woman herself. Abortion is a fundamental human right, in Kenya and everywhere else.

By Angela Ngugi. Almost every time I discuss abortion with a cis-man, they happen to be operating under the delusion that the decision is ultimately theirs. It is almost comical how men will sit on round tables and discuss our existence as an extension of themselves, how they center themselves in debates concerning women’s bodies…

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Let us normalise abortions because let’s face it, many people have more than one

Many women seek out abortions more than once in their lifetime, and we ought to speak more about this occurrence. Read more about why it is important to speak about abortions in the plural here:

By Belinda Munyeza. Multiple Abortions are common despite the lack of public awareness In 2007, The Guttmacher Policy Review released a report stating that about half of all women receiving an abortion in the United States (US) have had one before [1]. In 2017, a decade later, the institute published an updated report (based on…

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