Abortion at Home: 5 things you should know

Abortion at Home: 5 things you should know

By the safe2choose team Abortion at home — also known as medication abortion, medical abortion, or self-managed abortion — is getting more and more popular among women who desire to end their pregnancy. The procedure is non-invasive, doesn’t require surgery, and can be carried out wherever they feel comfortable and safe.   To throw some light…

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COVID-19: Abortion Essentials Kit

By safe2choose counseling team.  Following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, healthcare and reproductive service providers around the world are fighting to maintain abortion as an essential healthcare service and making sure that access to abortion services and information is not compromised. At safe2choose, we continue to provide accurate information about safe abortion via email and live…

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Abortion is Essential Health Care: How to Access Safe Abortion Counselling During COVID19

By safe2choose team  Women and girls seeking safe abortion counseling and information during COVID19 can access these services free of charge from safe2choose. Following the coronavirus disease (COVID19) outbreak, countries have taken several steps to ensure the safety of their citizens. As these measures take effect, it is important that access to abortion services and…

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safe2choose, Hesperian and Ipas unite for #MarchForEqualChoice campaign

Women protesting for safe abortions, #MarchForEqualChoice

safe2choose Team The #MarchForEqualChoice campaign brings together organisations around the 8th of March to advocate for access to safe abortion services and information for all safe2choose, Hesperian and Ipas joined forces to conduct this year’s International Women’s Day Campaign dubbed #MarchForEqualChoice. The campaign will run from March 1 to March 9 2020.   Inspired by the…

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Ending Abortion Stigma: Role of Media


  Media has a critical role to play in ending abortion stigma. By framing messages in a stigmatising language, media are often perpetuating myths and stereotypes that can contribute to abortion stigma.  In June 2019, the High Court of Kenya declared the withdrawal of the Standards and Guidelines for Reducing Morbidity and Mortality from Unsafe…

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#trustwomen: We must remember the forgotten women of Northern Ireland


  There has been a substantial amount of media coverage across the United Kingdom on the issues surrounding outdated human rights laws in Northern Ireland. These issues have gained increasing scrutiny as a result of the partnership between the Conservative Party and the DUP or Democratic Unionist Party, the leading political party in Northern Ireland.…

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We are closely monitoring the situation of coronavirus globally and will keep updating our information and services.

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