Providing safe abortion care: partnership with carafem

Providing safe abortion care: safe2choose partnership with carafem

Abortion is a complex and sensitive topic in the United States, with access to safe abortion services remaining a significant challenge for many people, especially those in marginalized communities. Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, access to abortion has become an even bigger concern. Questions have arisen about whether people can get an abortion in their states and where they can actually access the service.

In light of this, safe2choose has partnered with carafem, a reproductive health organization known for its innovative approach to providing abortion care and contraception services. Together, we aim to empower people to understand their reproductive health rights and provide them with accurate, accessible, and supportive resources.

Here at safe2choose, we are dedicated to raising awareness about safe abortion practices and self-managed abortion options worldwide. With a global audience in mind, safe2choose offers reliable information, counseling, and support to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies and seeking guidance around their reproductive choices.

carafem shares a similar vision for reproductive rights. It has earned recognition for its unique and compassionate approach to abortion care and contraception services, aiming to destigmatize reproductive health and create a more inclusive and judgment-free environment for all.

The partnership between safe2choose and carafem marks a significant milestone in the movement for safe and accessible abortion care. By leveraging our strengths, we have collaborated on several projects to improve access to accurate and user-friendly resources for people seeking abortion care in the US.

To further enhance accessibility and ease of understanding, safe2choose has incorporated animated videos developed in collaboration with carafem. These engaging and informative videos offer step-by-step guidance on the medical abortion process, how to use Misoprostol and Mifepristone, and how to use Misoprostol only, empowering people with knowledge and helping them make informed choices about their reproductive health.

You can find carafem’s videos on our website at along with other valuable resources on abortion in the US. If you’re in the US and seeking abortion information or a consultation, you can receive online care from carafem, or you can speak to our multilingual counselors.

safe2choose and carafem both firmly believe that everyone deserves access to accurate information and safe abortion care, regardless of their circumstances. By joining forces, these organizations have strengthened their capacity to support people on their journeys towards reproductive autonomy and self-care.