Latin Organizations unite creativity and innovation for health and reproductive rights in Latin America

The digital gadgets such as social networks, applications and more have helped bring people to all kinds of information and helped communicate in various ways no matter the distance. However, bringing Women in Latin America closer to these technologies by talking about safe abortion and reproductive rights has been a challenge.

For this reason, safe2choose took part of the IDEA initiative, the first forum on Innovation for Reproductive Rights in Latin America. On November 2017, we embarked to Quito, Ecuador, where we met creative and innovative teams from all over the region. What united us was the use of the latest, most advanced technological gadgets for sexual and reproductive health.

IDEA, the first forum on Reproductive Rights Innovation in Latin America

The question that led us is the same question that has accompanied us since we first emerged: to discover how to bring more and more women to be aware of their reproductive rights, in addition to allowing them access to services that procure their health and autonomy. While we listened and shared our experiences, we discovered infinite possibilities.

Travel with us. Immerse yourself in the augmented reality that puts you in the shoes of a women seeking abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic, under cries of “Wicked! Jezebel! Feminist”. Listen to the story of the woman who founded Unbound, a start up of sexual products, after facing cancer and going through a premature menopause as a result of her radiation treatment. Get to know the Bwom the app, an intimate mobile health coach whose mantra is “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”.

Besides these perhaps more technological initiatives, there are those that conquer us with their content. Simple, direct and absolutely sensational. YouTubers that go viral when being humorous and daring when discussing the autonomy of women in conservative countries in Latin America, such as Las Igualadas (Colombia), Sexo Sin Vergüenza (Nicaragua) and (e)stereotipas (México).

The Miles Chiles campaign that challenged the status quo and broke the silence among the Chilean media about abortion. The movement that started in Argentina and ran throughout Latin American with just one shout and hashtag: #NiUnaMenos.

They all teach us that it is possible to challenge common sense and dispute the narratives about safe abortion and female sexuality. With satisfaction, safe2choose presented its own experience for the social decriminalization of abortion, bringing information and services in Latin America.

We introduced the work of our team of counselors, specialized in offering their support free of stigmas on medical abortion, the technological solutions created by experts in digital security to protect the privacy of our users and at the same time facilitate the exchange of social campaigns carried out in collaboration with organizations around the world.

foro idea

IDEA attendants, photo by Iniciativa IDEA

It’s urgent to talk about abortion as something natural that can happen within the life of any woman. To speak of it as an experience that is sometimes dramatic, other times a happy relief but always legitimate. Raising abortion not only as a matter of public health, but above all a matter of women’s autonomy, as well as everything that pays respect to our sexual and reproductive health.

With much enthusiasm, we came out even more challenged and motivated from this encounter. We greatly appreciate Planned Parenthood Global for the IDEA: count on us. Until next time!

By Mel and Michell