Conversation About Surgical Abortion Stigma

Both those who have had abortions and those who perform them suffer from stigma. It results in isolation, silence, and shame. When a woman wants an abortion, it makes it more difficult for her to obtain care or ask for help. Abortion stigma reinforces antiquated gender stereotypes that are very harmful to women.
On, anyone looking for free safe abortion counseling or information on medical and surgical abortions can get it.
Don’t let the stereotypes, the shame, or the abortion stigma destroy you, we have a team of female counselors available to assist you and all the women in the world who may need abortion services and information.

Myths and Facts About Abortion

explanation of the abortion stigma and its consequences

safe2choose: a platform on the fight against the abortion stigma

We at hope that it eliminates the abortion stigma in the media and in general and daily conversation, which will ultimately increase global awareness and information about the procedure.

Our goal at is to provide you with the clearest information so you can make an informed decision about your abortions based on medical advice.

Our abortion counseling services are accessible to all the women all over the world in English, Hindi, Kiswahili, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Wolof, and many other languages. Additionally, you can always communicate directly with our counselors using the website’s live chat feature or by sending an email to
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