Anonymous, Age: 26

safe2choose staff was friendly and sweet. They also had a profile for me so when I returned to communicate with them I did not have to explain myself over and over again. I’m not even sure if I was chatting with the same person throughout the process, but it sounded like the same person and she was very helpful. The abortion went well. Everything went smoothly although I was a bit scared because I felt so shivering like I was about to die. My hands and body were shaking. I wore a pad and at first did not feel anything come out of me, but when I stood up is when it gushed out. It was a bit scary. I felt guilty, and I still feel guilty, not sure how long the guilt will last. The bleeding was heavy for the first two hours, and then for two weeks it came out as my period blood would. Sometimes I had little or no blood, or sometimes it was a brown discharge. Currently it has been two weeks since I had the abortion, and as I’m typing this, the blood has stopped completely…well hopefully. I think my abortion experience went well, though it was a bit scary!

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