Abortion in Guatemala

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Abortion in Guatemala is currently legal only when the life of a pregnant person is in danger, defined as therapeutic abortion. The current bill could subject women who have miscarriages to prosecution. It would also raise the maximum sentence for abortion from 3 to 10 years.

The Supreme Court ruled on August 12, 2020, that the Chair of the Human Rights Commission had failed to comply with a 2017 decision ordering his office to cease activities that support or promote abortion, present abortion as a right, or promote its legalization.

The decision contravenes international human rights standards on sexual and reproductive rights. Several international bodies have called on Guatemala to decriminalize and legalize abortion and to ensure access to safe abortion services.

Guatemala’s civil code limits the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls with disabilities.

Is Abortion Legal in Guatemala?

Only to save the pregnant person’s life.

What Types of Abortion are Available in Guatemala?

Therapeutic and non punishable abortions only:
Medical: Misoprostol-only regimens.
Surgical: Manual vacuum aspiration abortion (MVA) and Dilation & Curetage (D&C).

What is the abortion rate in Guatemala? How Many Women Have Abortions?

The little evidence that is available suggests that induced abortion is common. Much of this evidence is based on women hospitalized for treatment of abortion complications.

The Ministry of Health reports of the number of women treated for abortion complications in all hospitals are acknowledged to be undercounts. Almost 65,000 induced abortions are estimated to have occurred in Guatemala in 2003.

Abortion with Pills (Medical Abortion) in Guatemala

Are the Abortion Pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) Available in Guatemala?

Mifepristone: NOT available.
Misoprostol: Access highly restricted.

How Late Into a Pregnancy Can the Abortion Pills Be Used?

Technically, medical regimens can be used at any gestational age, provided the recommended regimen is used for any specific indication/gestational age.

Do I Need a Prescription for Mifepristone? Misoprostol?

Mifepristone: NOT available.
Misoprostol: Yes, a prescription is required.

What Brands of Abortion Pill Are Popular in Guatemala?

ACE Miso, 200 µg (4 tablets)
Cytotec, 200 µg (28 tablets)

How Much Do the Abortion Pills Cost in Guatemala?

Misoprostol: From $ 7.75 to $ 9.74 USD per pill

Who Can I Contact for More Information on Abortion in Guatemala?

M de Mujer, www.mdemujer.org
safe2choose, https://safe2choose.org/es/

In-Clinic Abortion in Guatemala

What are the Different Types of in-Clinic Abortion Procedures Available in Guatemala?

Manual vacuum aspiration abortions (MVA) and Dilation & Curetage abortions (D&C) for the first trimester.

Where Can I get a Manual Vacum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion in Guatemala?

Information not available.

How Much Does Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Cost in Guatemala?

Information not available.

How to get further information?

For additional information and support, you can get in touch with our trained multilingual female counselors.



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