Partnering with abortion providers on the ground

safe2choose abortion providers

safe2choose maintains a global network of verified providers who offer non-judgemental and comprehensive abortion care.
Join us! We want you to be part of it, and together, we can support people all over the world in accessing their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Our abortion referral process

safe2choose abortion counselor provide live chat and email counseling for people who are seeking safe abortion options. For those who need access to abortion pills, a manual vacuum aspiration abortion or who require additional support, safe2choose counselors refer them to the nearest verified abortion providers.
safe2choose collaborates with on-ground partners to ensure everyone has access to comprehensive abortion care, and referrals are made only once the person has been pre-screened by our counselors.

How our referral system for abortion providers works

Abortion providers hosted in our network have been carefully selected based on their experience in the provision of quality abortion services.
The referral network consists of abortion providers and allies all over the world who provide abortion services such as access to abortion pills, manual vacuum aspiration abortions, or surgical abortions, but also other services such as access to contraceptives, legal and emotional support and much more.

We understand the security risks that come with abortion provisions, especially in countries where abortions are highly restricted. That is why our global abortion providers’ referral network is hosted on a highly encrypted database.
To maintain an efficient network, we ensure that providers are highly trained and qualified in information and service provision of abortion care, and we support them with online training material.

What safe2choose offer abortion providers

safe2choose offers pro-choice providers the following services:

  • Direct service referrals for sexual and reproductive health care;
  • Connection to a growing global network of abortion care providers to share lessons learned and best practices;
  • Free online training on safe abortion best practices & counseling skills; and
  • Access to free Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) material for their facilities.

Online abortion classes

The safe2choose counselling team designed an abortion counseling online course to support the training of digital abortion counselors.

Online Abortion Counseling course

Join us and be part of our abortion providers network

A global network of abortion providers working to support and strengthen access to sexual reproductive health and rights for everyone all over the world.
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