Venezuela | End Pregnancy Support

Where I live there’s a strong taboo around abortion, which is why a lot of women risk their lives by taking drastic actions with their bodies in order to end their pregnancies or in the worst case, they bring kids into the world in a very irresponsible way. I contacted safe2choose via email, after that…

Venezuela | Live Chat Email Abortion Support

Thanks to an organization in Venezuela that promotes information about abortion, I was able to find out about safe2choose and the services they provide. Soon after I learned about them I visited their website, where through the live chat I was able to contact them. Then, emails became the perfect way to keep in contact…

Venezuela | Abortion Support

In my country, the situation with abortion is very complicated to deal with, but thank god the technological advances are on our side. Searching through the internet, I found the website safe2choose and I read a few of the testimonies from women in my country, which gave me assurance to contact them. I sent them…

Venezuela | Abortion Experiences

Venezuela 22 Sep, 2017 Anonymous I filled out the contact form to chat with safe2choose. The communication was very fluid and timely. The counselor was very attentive throughout the process, giving me assistance and recommendations. Without a doubt, they certainly do their job, because making decisions such as these, require not only support, but assistance…

Venezuela  | Discreet Abortion Counseling

The attention I received from the safe2choose team was very respectful and discreet; they replied to my emails very quickly and their messages gave me peace of mind, which I appreciated a lot in those very complex moments. One of the most important things is to make the decision consciously, well thought out, even though…

Venezuela |  Non Judgemental Abortion Support

Every woman has the right to decide over her body and her life. Like we already know and as we commonly hear, a baby is a blessing from God, but we are aware that we expect more blessings which will help make progress in our lives. I know it sounds selfish, but we cannot stop…

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