Anonymous, Age: 29

Thanks to an organization in Venezuela that promotes information about abortion, I was able to find out about safe2choose and the services they provide. Soon after I learned about them I visited their website, where through the live chat I was able to contact them. Then, emails became the perfect way to keep in contact with the counselors.

Something that stands out the most from this organization is that they tend to you on time, no matter what you ask them. Also, after finishing the procedure, they would write to me to ask about my status and health.

Without a doubt, they exceeded my expectations because of their excellent attention, confidentiality, kind answers, their concern and mainly because of their liability and effectiveness since I myself, before contacting them was a victim of scammers, which put women’s health at risk and increases vandalism in the streets since they don’t care and sell you any unknown medication.

I would like to make themselves known a little more, since I for example had never heard of you guys. safe2choose, keep being kind and attentive.

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