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The decision is the most difficult part. The site gave me security. Because of the pandemic period, I didn’t have any confidence in getting safe medicines, so I chose to do it in a clinic (great by the way) recommended by a friend that had already done it. I don’t regret it for a second,…


On the website, I found several testimonials from women who have had abortions, but this was not my case. I suspected that I was pregnant, and I was in a panic. I’m 37 years old, two daughters and I didn’t want another child even more from an unofficial relationship. I went through all the fear…


I felt insecure and frightened before the procedure. During this time, I felt apprehensive until I talked to the counselor who took my doubts away and I was tranquilized because the process seemed normal. Then, I felt empowered to choose and apprehensive to have to wait to do an ultrasound and see if it worked.…


I felt very good and safe all the time. I always knew what I wanted since the discovery of the unwanted pregnancy. During the process, I felt a lot of pain, but it is normal and part of it. I asked the fetus for forgiveness for not being able to receive it at that moment…

Brazil | experience with safe abortion with pills at home

I got pregnant while using contraceptives. I realized that my menstruation was delayed, my breasts were swollen and sore beyond the time they should be. I felt lateral pains, as if they were on my tubes, some days more on the right side, others on the left. I felt my body slowing down. I took…


My experience was great. I was really scared and desperate and safe2choose staff actually understood me and helped me a lot.

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