South Africa: Abortion clinics targeted


Durban – The KwaZulu-Natal health MEC has vowed to root out illegal abortion “clinics” in the province to save young mothers from unscrupulous practitioners who prey on vulnerable, pregnant young women.

During his budget presentation at the legislature on Wednesday, Dhlomo said pregnant young women were putting their lives at risk by opting for the back door “clinics” instead of going to public healthcare facilities. He said he would lead a campaign to fight illegal abortions in the province.

The campaign, which is to start with a march on a date yet to be announced, is aimed at removing illegal abortion advertisements from street light poles and public places.

“Members, you have seen the proliferation of advertisements on the lamp posts and electric boxes promising safe, quick and pain-free abortions. All these are illegal abortions and there is nothing safe about them. Instead, they pose a health risk to the young mothers and women in the country.

“We aim to bring together groups, networks, movements and organisations from around the province to work together in an anti-illegal, back-street abortion campaign. We will also promote the legitimacy of the right to safe abortion and promote initiatives on safe motherhood and family planning,” said Dhlomo.

The campaign will kick-start with a march on “Anti-Unsafe Abortion”, and hospital management and nursing college students in uniform will be part of the campaign.

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