safe2choose celebrates its first month

Women’s reproductive rights matter! And it should be an every day event.

On August 3rd, safe2choose — a social enterprise committed to facilitating and scaling up access to safe medical abortion worldwide, via the internet – went live to bring women around the world a safe option.

safe2choose offers confidential access to abortion pill through a simple and easy to use website. safe2choose also offers multilingual counseling services, live chat support and referrals to post abortion care for women who are considering an abortion.

safe2choose understands the importance of collaboration with local and international organizations as a way to provide a comprehensive abortion care service globally. From day one, safe2choose has been collaborating with Women on Web and Women Help Women to ensure more and more women have access to a safe abortion with pills, irrespective of where they are. Additionally, safe2choose is partnering with local organizations like M de Mujer, Fondo Maria and Femisana Women’s Clinics in Mexico, Decidoyo in Peru, the international website on different aspects, from promotion of services and referrals to follow-up and post-abortion care. We are currently in discussions with several other potential partners and we are hopeful that many more of you would like to join hands with safe2choose.

Abortion is a reality in every country, but frequently women are denied the right to choose a safe option. Lack of access to safe abortion services forces millions of women every year to risk their life and health. There is a need for safe choices and safe2choose understands that need.

We wish to celebrate our first month by sharing some good results with you. Over the past month, safe2choose website was visited by 22,000+ people from all over the world and it has been successfully serving women with information, advice and facilitating access to the pill. Our YouTube videos have been seen by almost 33,000 people and we have already crossed 10,000 friends on social media. Thank you very much for your support and interest!

Please join us in bringing safe alternatives to the women who need them most.

Want to learn more about our work? Please see this video for more information about our service. You may also want to visit our website and/or follow us on Facebook and Twitter pages (Twitter international page, and Twitter Spanish) for regular news updates.

Partner with us! We want to ensure that our work complements existing global, regional and local initiatives; and that the women we are trying to reach have a strong support network at local level. Please send us an email to discuss potential collaborations.

And finally, please spread the word! Let women know safe2choose can offer them a safe, reliable, affordable, non-judgmental, private and convenient way to have an abortion with pills. We are currently supplying to 100+ countries and will soon be available in French, Hindi, Arabic and Portuguese.

Many thanks!

safe2choose management team