Press Release: International Survey Report for Abortion Providers and Companions


For Immediate Release
Contact: and Ipas CAM have co-authored an International Survey Report aimed at understanding the stress, stigma, violence, and discrimination faced by Abortion Providers and Companions because of their job.

safe2choose and Ipas have co-authored an International Survey Report of abortion providers and companions in order to highlight the experiences of people who facilitate abortions around the world, especially regarding the stress, stigma, violence, and other types of discrimination they face because of their job.

Over 350 providers and/or companions of induced abortion from different countries in six regions namely, Latin America and the Caribbean (56.3%); Europe (14.2%); Africa (9.4%); North America (9.1%); Asia (8.8%); and Oceania (2.1%) responded to the questionnaire.

While the majority of studies continue to show that women who have had abortions experience fear of social judgment, self-judgment, and a need for secrecy, this International Survey Report for Abortion Providers and Companions has found stigma to be salient in abortion providers’ lives. The report shows that abortion providers face stigmatizing attitudes in public, with over half the samples reporting that they feel their job faces greater legal restrictions than other health professions and over one-third of the respondents reported feeling belittled by other health professionals because of their job. and Ipas CAM collectively call upon abortion providers from far and wide to join in on the campaign to highlight the experiences of abortion providers facing stigmatizing attitudes and craft strategies together to tackle these challenges.

safe2choose maintains a global network of verified healthcare providers who can offer women non-judgemental and comprehensive abortion care. “We are proud to continue to offer our providers inclusion in a global network of pro-choice providers to share lessons learned and best practices. Our mandate as continues to be providing our global community with access to the best abortion providers and a wide range of information about safe abortions,” says safe2choose Program Manager, Pauline. is an online counseling and informational platform that supports women who want an abortion with pills or a surgical abortion and, when needed, refers them to trusted, trained, and pro-choice healthcare providers. For more information, visit or e-mail

Download the summary of the report here and the full report here