and their role for safe abortion


What is’s role in the promotion of safe abortion?

We share information and resources for safe medical abortion in 24 languages. We explain how medical abortion works, the names of the pills and how to use them safely, what to consider before having a medical abortion, and what to expect afterwards. We also offer local information about abortion- like the brand names of the pills, where to buy them, and how much they cost- for over 35 countries. And HowToUse doesn’t just work to share information with those who are seeking an abortion. We work with medical providers as well. Our site features an online medical abortion training course for both medical students and pharmacists. The course is free, and is translated into six languages.

Who are the people behind is made up of an international team of abortion allies and advocates. We work from all around the world to ensure that people have access to the quality reproductive health care that they deserve.

In your experience, why do people have abortions?

People have abortions for all sorts of reasons, but they all boil down to one simple statement: they do not want become a parent at that time. In our opinion, there’s really no other explanation needed.

In your experience, why do people go online to look for an abortion?

It’s no secret- abortion is commonly stigmatized and criminalized around the world. That means that when you need an abortion, it’s hard to know where to turn. Online resources like ours provide safe starting places for people who are looking to learn more about abortion care.

In which cases do you support abortion and why?

We support all cases of abortion. No shame. No stigma. No judgement. It’s your body, and you should decide whether or not you want to grow an embryo inside it.

To whom should we recommend your services and website?

Anyone who is looking to learn more about medical abortion! There’s something for everybody. Our services span the globe. Whether you’re a person looking for safe abortion support, a provider searching for safe abortion training, or an ally gathering safe abortion resources, has something to offer.