Announcement: safe2choose to step away from direct shipping

safe2choose hereby would like to advise you that, effective 1st July 2018, we no longer will be directly shipping safe abortion pills.

At the same time, safe2choose is proud to announce that we will be working with various groups and partners to ensure that women continue to have access to high quality products.

safe2choose is not going away. Indeed, we plan to reorient and redouble our efforts by focusing on providing the same level of high quality information and support to women who are exploring their abortion options.

Since our inception in 2015, safe2choose has handled 2 millions visits on its website, directly supported over 50,000 women through our live chat counseling service and email, and shipped more than 2,000 pills to over 100 countries. It is a matter of great pride that safe2choose is recognized as a reliable source for safe abortion pills and information alongside trusted providers such as Women on Web and Women Help Women. A sampling of client testimonials is below. This change in strategy comes after critical thinking about where we think our strengths can provide the greatest level of support to women considering abortion options. It also comes at a time when abortion pills are increasingly available worldwide – both in-country and online. As such, we believe that providing women access to accurate, judgment-free, quality information and referral services is a more effective use of limited resources.

We will continue doing this via our live chat counseling service, email, social media presence and resource available on our website. For women, specifically seeking abortion pills, we will be referring to partners as well as in-country abortion providers across the globe. We support and respect women to make their own decision regarding their reproductive health choices.

We thank you and our partners for helping us come this far. We look forward to your continued support and collaboration as we move in this new direction.


The following are TESTIMONIALS from safe2choose service users:

“safe2choose’s presence on social media helped me learn about them and contact them.

On the web they commented about the live chat tool and the online consultation, I did both but my favorite was the chat because I was in direct contact with the counselors.

In the end everything went fine.”

“I want to tell safe2choose that I am sincerely grateful for their organization.

They do an excellent job and they surpassed my expectations. I felt supported and they were there for me every step of the way.

They are more than just a website, more than just information and more than just providing the pills.

Behind all that they are counselors who are serious, responsible, and ethical. They really know what they are doing and do their job well for a good cause.”

“My experience was quite good. I thought I would feel bad or alone throughout the process, but it was actually the opposite and I felt supported.

Thanks to my decision, I can continue to study and continue with my life.”

“I needed to end my pregnancy safely. I searched on the internet and found safe2choose.

I did the online consultation on their website and when I least expected it, I already had the pills with me.

Thank you so much safe2choose, you guys exceeded my expectations.”

“They responded to my emails quickly, treated me with a lot of respect and understood my situation.

They made me feel calm throughout each moment during my process.

I will forever be grateful. Having support is fundamental.”

“A loved one helped me find safe2choose on the Internet. Immediately, we began an online consultation and we followed all the steps, which were simple.

The conversation I had with the counselors was clear and warm, they told me what to expect during the abortion process and they sent me the pills to carry it out.

The exceeded my expectations, I thank you safe2choose. I will recommend you if any woman ever needs your support.”