#Actions4SafeAbortions: Supporting Safe Abortions During COVID-19

May 28 Campaign Safe Abortion

by Hesperian and safe2choose

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all aspects of our lives and limited our access to health care globally. This has been especially harmful for women and girls seeking safe abortions. Lockdown measures prevent women from leaving their homes to access the safe abortion information and services essential to their health. Restrictive abortion laws only increase the difficulty of getting safe abortions. Deprioritizing women’s health like this will only lead to more unsafe abortions. This reality of COVID-19 highlights the urgency of sharing accessible, practical tools that support the health needs of women at home, everywhere in the world.

As part of the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, Hesperian Health Guides and safe2choose have stepped forward to lead the #Actions4SafeAbortions social media campaign from May 25th to May 28th to raise awareness about all the tech tools available to support safe abortion at home. We call on individuals, organizations, and innovators to share resources that increase access to safe abortions during the pandemic and beyond. This means you!

#Actions4SafeAbortions: Supporting Safe Abortions During COVID-19

Hesperian and safe2choose have long championed the development of tech tools to support safe abortion.

Hesperian’s suite of reproductive health apps includes a Safe Abortion App filled with straightforward language and helpful illustrations to share information on safe methods, abortion pills, how to identify danger signs, and more. Individuals can stay safely at home while accessing information for free. Especially now with COVID-19, this multilingual app is a valuable tool for health workers promoting safe abortion remotely through phone and video communications.

safe2choose is a platform that offers safe abortion information as well as counseling via live chat and email. Counseling services are available in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Swahili, Hebrew, Arabic, and Wolof.

The #Actions4SafeAbortions campaign is designed to bring tools and e-resources to more people that provide safe abortion information and services any time, any place, everywhere.

Join this campaign!

  1. Participate on Thursday, May 28th at 8 am PST/ in the #Actions4SafeAbortions Virtual Solidarity Hour to share about your ideas and tools for increasing safe abortion access.
  2. Follow the conversation on social media, tag, and retweet/share all content with the #Actions4SafeAbortions hashtag.
  3. Tweet about your organization’s tools to support safe abortions. Use this template as a guide and be sure to tag us:
    • At (name of organization), we support #Actions4SafeAbortions by …………
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  4. Follow us on social media @safe2choose