Abortion Providers Stories: tackling abortion stigma from the provider’s perspective

Abortion providers have been recognized by the United Nations as Human Rights defenders. They are the ones who ensure that our Sexual and reproductive health and rights are respected, even at the hardest times and places.

As a result, providers are exposed to the same stigma that affects those who decide to interrupt a pregnancy, not to mention the challenges they face within their communities, professional colleagues and families.

Improving the lives of healthcare professionals directly impacts the quality of the treatment offered. This is why safe2choose, in partnership with Global Doctors for ChoiceMedical Students for ChoiceIpas México, and Howtouseabortionpill.org, is launching the “Abortion Providers Stories” campaign.

According to a 2017 report by the United States National Abortion Federation (NAF), there has been an escalation in trespassing, clinic blockades, and threats of harm at abortion facilities. NAF also identified “a significant increase in online hate speech” following the intense debate around reproductive health care that took place in the presidential campaign of 2016.

It’s time we listen from abortion providers themselves how it feels to be in their shoes. It is also important to create a safe space where they can talk about their experiences and share insights on how to fight abortion stigma around the world.

If you are an abortion provider, we invite you to answer this 10 minutes survey at safe2choose.org/abortion-providers-stories. Your testimony will help us understand different realities across the world and allow us to start thinking of new solutions to improve every person’s abortion experience. If you are not a provider, you can still support us by sharing the survey link within our network.

Answers will be received until June 15th. The survey is completely anonymous and results will be reported as statistical summaries only. A special online campaign will showcase the results, so stay tuned!


For more information on the survey or how to join the “Abortion Providers Stories” campaign,  please contact: press@safe2choose.org .


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