The barriers for having an abortion in the US and the need for more privacy

The barriers for having an abortion in the US and the need for more privacy

By Michell Mor

Limited contraceptive and abortion access is a problem filled with stigma and judgement, whether you’re in America or any other continent. In the United States, anti-abortion groups have long been causing troubles in clinics – notably in states like Texas and Mississippi – by trying to persuade women not to opt for any permanent contraception method and to stop them from terminating pregnancies.

Anti-abortion groups try to persuade women not to perform an abortion

These groups violate women’s rights, specially in a country where abortion is supposed to be more accessible. Women feel pressured on their decisions and it’s not fair.

As a safe, private and affordable option, access to abortion pills could prevent a lot of the suffering and stress American women are being submitted to. That’s a lesson the U.S. could learn from their Canadian neighbor, whom has just announced abortion pills prescriptions will be allowed up to nine weeks into a pregnancy.

Instead, American women are currently crossing borders and travelling to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, among other places, to buy the pills and perform a safe medical abortion, in the privacy of their homes. How unbelievable is it that women are finding it easier to travel to another country, where abortion might even be illegal, rather than waiting for an appointment at local medical clinics.

That’s what this Reveal Podcast is about: contraception and abortion. And safe2choose is mentioned there, along with Women on Web, as reliable option for women who are seeking abortion support.

After listening to this episode, what are your thoughts? Share them with us! It’s important to make some noise about this topic and get people talking about. Abortion is a normal experience that could happen to any woman in the world, and maybe, little by little, everyone will be aware of the importance of facilitating safe abortion to everyone.

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Resource: Reveal News