Abortion is Essential Health Care: How to Access Safe Abortion Counselling During COVID19

 Access Safe Abortion Counselling During COVID19

By safe2choose team

Following the coronavirus disease (COVID19) outbreak, countries have taken several steps to ensure the safety of their citizens. As these measures take effect, it is important that access to abortion services and information is not compromised.

With many countries going into lock down and calls for people to stay at home in order to stop the spread of corona virus, women and girls across the world are finding it more difficult to access safe abortion services. In addition, the job losses and pay cuts occasioned by the COVID19 will have a major strain on the ability of women to provide for their families.  According to the World Economic Forum, when women have access to family planning including safe abortion, their income rises and they are in better positions to sustain their families and ultimately contribute to the economic development of their nations. It is therefore important that abortion providers and advocates remain vigilant, available and accessible to offer abortion services to those who need it. safe2choose counsellors and staff are available through email, website, live chat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to offer guidance to those who may need it.

Research has shown that pandemics affect women and men differently and have repercussions on many other aspects of the gender equality and health spectrums.  The 2012 World Health Organisation technical and policy guidelines for health systems recognise abortion as essential healthcare and thus the occurence of a pandemic such as corona virus should not affect the access of abortion services and information by women and girls.

Abortion As Essential Health Care During COVID19

Countries across the world are providing guidelines for what is considered  essential services during the lockdown, and many of them have failed to acknowldege abortion services as vitals. In other instances, the tendency is to lump abortion under health services without outrightly mentioning abortion or post abortion care which creates an ambiguity on whether or not one can still access these services. As if this is not enough, some politicians are taking advantage of COVID19 to restrict access to abortions.On March 26th, the Governors of Ohio and Texas moved to make abortion inaccessible under the cover of broad directives seeking to free up hospital beds and preserve the supply of personal protective equipment for medical workers with the postponement of “elective” and “nonessential” procedures.

We are here to support you with your abortion during COVID19

Now more than ever women and girls need support to access safe abortion services and information. At safe2choose, we are doing our bit to flatten the curve by ensuring access to abortion information and counseling from your home. Our female counselors are available to provide you with support in a respectful and friendly manner with updated scientific information on abortion. Our counsellors are also in touch with local sexual and reproductive health champions in various countries so they can adequately advise on referrals and ways to mitigate the impact of COVID19 in accessing safe abortion. If you wish to access safe abortion information and counseling services, contact us in the following ways:

Email: info@safe2choose.org

Live chat: safe2choose.org

Twitter : @safe2choose

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Facebook: @safe2choose

Our commitment to support women and girls during this period is steadfast. Talk to us, we are here to support you.