Anonymous, Age: 22

When my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant, we cried a lot, because although we want to be parents, we still can’t now. He’s at university and I’m in the process of graduating and we were not going to be able to bear the enormous economic cost of having a child. That’s why we made the decision to have an abortion. My boyfriend supported me and bought the pills (he didn’t want to but he understood that if we couldn’t pay for that expense, it was the best decision) and he gave me his support in whatever decision I made. And that’s how I started searching for counselling on this topic, and I found the safe2choose team who helped me a lot by clearing up my doubts and supporting me throughout my entire process.

Now I will tell how my process was:

Day 1: It was a Monday, at 12:00 pm I took my first dose of misoprostol (4 pills under the tongue for 30 minutes, then pass the rest with water) two hours passed and the abortion process began. I began to have cramps and the bleeding started. I had pain but it was bearable and it is obvious that in an abortion there is pain. The recommended 4 hours passed and I continued with the second dose, the same (4 pills under the tongue for 30 minutes, then pass the rest with water) and the same cramping and bleeding, at this point it was abundant bleeding like the first menstruation day. (Be careful, you must check that it is not excessive bleeding because that is dangerous). Another 4 hours passed, I was in a lot of pain, and I was scared but I did the research and I knew it was going to be a painful process, I gathered up the courage and continued with the third and last dose, repeating the same steps (4 pills under the tongue, wait 30 minutes and wash off the remains with water). By this point it was almost 9:00 pm, I had horrible pain in my belly and bleeding profusely, I had cramps and cramps (which are normal due to the use of Misoprostol) so I spent that day with a lot of pain and bleeding, in 12 hours I used 3 sanitary pads (measuring if I bled excessively) which did not happen, everything was fine and I fell asleep.

Day 2: I got up and went directly to the bathroom, passed blood clots (which is normal), I took a shower and changed towels, by this point I had a lot of colic and was bleeding profusely. If I spent a lot of time standing, I bled a lot and that’s why I decided to lie down and spend the whole day resting. By lying down I didn’t bleed much which was my consolation.

Day 3: the same, I bled a lot if I was standing for a long time and I was resting.

Day 4: I went to the university because I needed to and everything went well. However, if I spent a lot of time standing still I started to bleed a lot. I asked permission to leave saying I had colic and I went home and rested.

Day 5: I was already feeling a better, I was no longer bleeding excessively but I was still bleeding and the cramps continued.

Day 6: The bleeding was decreasing, but I had cramps from time to time. I could stand all day.

Day 9: I was doing fine. I no longer bled profusely. I only stained my sanitary pads a little bit a day and I had little colic, almost nothing. However, I felt weak so I decided to go to the doctor and ask for deworming and vitamins to gain strength.

Day 10: I started my deworming and the bleeding was almost done, the cramps were still disappearing.

Day 16: The bleeding and cramps disappeared, I feel happy about it and I have already started my vitamin supplement.
Day 26: Here I am today. I’m still taking vitamins. I’ve been taking vitamins for several days. I feel strong. I already go running in the morning and I feel happy. I hope my experience is useful to you, and if someone wants to talk with me to have support in their abortion process, they can write to me and I will gladly talk and I can accompany you virtually, greetings!

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