Anonymous, Age: 22

safe2choose is a fast, safe and trustworthy way to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy. I was 5 weeks or a little less when I found out about the pregnancy, and time began to race by. The days passed and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have someone responsible to support me, I didn’t have enough money, and I didn’t find safe or correct information anywhere. I was just about hopeless, and then luckily the safe2choose page showed up on my social media page. I visited the website to see what it was about because it caught my attention and it seemed OK. For a few hours I was doubtful, but then I sent them a message on live chat. They answered very quickly and started to give me information, but I continued to feel doubtful because I thought it could be fake. They gave me clear and direct instructions so I could have an abortion at home. I didn’t have any support so I had to do it alone. Time kept passing by so one morning I took the first pill (Mifepristone). There were no symptoms and that night I even went to work. The next day I took the rest of the pills (Ibuprofen and Misoprostol). The first symptom I had was lots of pain and irritation in my throat. One hour later the cramps started and as the time passed they got more and more intense and almost unbearable. After the pain came the abundant bleeding- everything that they told me to expect. The pain by that point was less intense and continued to diminish as time passed. I’m very grateful for safe2choose for helping me and supporting when I didn’t find a solution and my world was crashing down on me. Thanks safe2choose, I can now continue with the plans I had for me and my family.

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