Anonymous, Age: 32

It was a unique experience to find people that help you when you feel alone and hopeless. When I found safe2choose I realized I was not alone and that there were trained women, who were infinitely kind and patient, there to help me with the decision that I had made. All the help is real, in my most hopeless moment they helped me feel calm and safe. All the information they gave me on how to use the medication was very clear and they were also so patient. They answered all my questions about the process. All their recommendations were excellent. I had pain but it was manageable, and all the information they had given me beforehand helped me to feel calm. I knew what was happening the entire time and knew how it should be. I had a successful abortion without complications. Women of the world, we are not alone! safe2choose offers real and factual support and helped me 100% to have an abortion in home and completely safe. Thanks to all the women that make up safe2choose.

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