Anonymous, Age: 35

I took a home pregnancy test and the two lines confirmed my fears. I had read about abortion with pills and I have always been in favor of women being in charge of their own bodies. When I told my boyfriend he supported my decision.

There were times when I started doubting it, thinking the pain would kill me or that I would have a hemorrhage. I ended up following safe2choose instructions exactly how it was on their page. I started the abortion on June 5th at 12am. At first I thought I was allergic because my hands were itchy and swollen, but I relaxed and it passed. I had nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and chills after the first dose, exactly how they said it would be.

I was able to sleep for 2 hours and then the cramping started, at first light. I went to the bathroom and noticed some drops of blood but nothing more. With the second dose I had very strong pain, almost unbearable, but I knew that having an abortion wouldn’t feel great. With the third dose, I couldn’t really distinguish the pain anymore because it was so painful.

The pain lasted around 14 hours and to manage it I was in the shower with hot water. I went to the bathroom a lot and to my surprise the bleeding wasn’t that bad. It was like a heavy period. By 3pm I was having only light pain and I was able to sleep. At 6pm, like magic, I woke up with no pain. I have had light bleeding since that day.

I am sure my abortion was successful because I stopped having pregnancy symptoms. I’m very grateful for safe2choose. Their information helped me to continue on with my life and decide what to do with my own body.

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