Anonymous, Age: 29

At first, I had a hard time finding someone who I could talk to about my situation. I am a 4th year student and I was scared because my parents expect that I will finish my studies well and without any problem. I am on the Dean’s List in our school so lots of people are expecting that I will be a role model to everyone. Then, I was so shocked when I found out I was pregnant. I am not ready to be a mother so I decided to find someone who could help me to abort the baby. But days passed and I didn’t find anybody who could help me. Then I searched on the internet and I found safe2choose. At first, I was hesitant because they were too far away to help and assist me in person. But then I tried to contact them and they replied immediately. I was shocked because they helped me a lot to understand the process. They sent me emails to make sure that everything was fine. Thank you very much for that. Everything went well because I followed all the instruction that they gave to me. Thank you very much for assisting me so well. Now I can continue my life without any worries. I am now preparing for my graduation. Thank you safe2choose.

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