Anonymous, Age: 23

A friend told me about safe2choose so I decided to contact them through their online consultation. Everything was easy, and the counselors were there for me, they treated me with kindness and respect. I will definitely recommend safe2choose as they exceeded my expectations.

Anonymous, Age: 30

This was my second experience having an abortion and unfortunately the 1st one wasn’t with safe2choose. Having the second one with them has made me regret not knowing them the 1st time. The instructions were very easy to follow and they would answer all doubts and questions you would have.
I did not have any complications or struggles during the process aside from the pain which was expected. When I reached the 2nd week, the pain was very light.

Anonymous, Age: 25

Searching through the internet for an alternative to an abortion, I found the safe2choose website. Their website gave me confidence and I sent them an email. In the event that a friend requires services such as the ones offered in safe2choose, I would recommend them without a doubt.

Anonymous, Age: 34

I wasn’t ready to be a mother and I didn’t have money for an abortion. safe2choose supported me. I never imagined that I would find what I needed on the internet. This organization without a doubt is a great support system for all women, they exceeded my expectations

Anonymous, Age: 28

safe2choose is a great organization. I was able to ask all about the pills and they were very kind and understandable when answering my questions. They were always there to support me all along the process, thank you so much.
For me, it was very easy to take the pills, I just followed the instructions given.

Anonymous, Age: 22

The staff are friendly and reassuring. I expected the worst and hoped for the best. I followed the instructions. If I could rate the pain, it would be a 3/10, with the pain medications prescribed.

Anonymous, Age: 39

safe2choose staff is really approachable and helpful. Their counselors are 1000% kind, caring and respectful.

Anonymous, Age: 35

They were very supportive, helpful and answered all my questions in a timely fashion.

Anonymous, Age: 24

I am from a country where abortion is illegal. I never understood the gravity of this until I had to make the decision myself. It has been difficult finding a source or clinic here that I could trust because I couldn’t verify whether their products were safe or if they would even deliver. A lot of women die here due to unsafe abortion procedures because they have no one they could turn to for help. I was fortunate to have been able to communicate with one of the counselors through the livechat of safe2choose. After talking with her I knew that I could trust safe2choose. I was not judged or discriminated against because of my decision. I was treated with kindness and respect. All throughout the process I was guided on what I had to do to ensure I was safe. I was in good hands. The pills worked as they should. The only complication I think I experienced was the foul odor of the blood that was coming out a week after I took the misoprostol pills. They explained that that could mean infection and that I should get it check out by a doctor. But the bleeding has almost come to a complete stop now and the smell isn’t as strong anymore. I will be forever thankful to the people behind this organization for helping me through a difficult situation in my life.

Anonymous, Age: 28

Their response time was quick and reassuring. Whenever I had a questions, they replied very quickly, sometimes within minutes and no more than 1 day. safe2choose helps women who are in need, especially those who live in countries that do not allow abortion. They are very eager to help. I feel very satisfied with their service. Keep up the great work. I hope your organization will grow more.

Anonymous, Age: 21

All throughout the process they were there to guide me and answer all my questions. They were there to comfort me and listen. They were never unkind. They treated me with respect. They did not judge or discriminate against me for my decision. They are beautiful people. I trust the team behind safe2choose. They helped me through a very difficult situation in my life and I know they could do the same for other women out there.

Anonymous, Age: 20

They are simply great at what they are doing.

Anonymous, Age: 20

They did not judge me on the decision that I made and the team was there to give support especially when I started the medication. I would recommend safe2choose because it is safe and I already used it.

Anonymous, Age: 28

safe2choose team cared about me and treated me with kindness and respect. They are very friendly and they really help women. Their service was excellent! I felt safe2choose service exceeded then my expectations. All I can say is excellent and I would recommend safe2choose to a friend. 🙂

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