Anonymous, Age: 29

Well, I’m so glad to inform you that everything went well. Right from the time I came across your page, I read through as often as I could, and then I decided to contact your team. I was so glad that they just went on to advise me on how the medication works and even gave me the name of the pills available in my country.

The challenge was getting the medication. I was rejected and even chased from several pharmacies when I told them the medicine that I needed and that kept postponing the use until when it came to 8 weeks. I was so anxious and depressed that I was running out of time, and then one day I just walked into this small pharmacy and I found a lady who did not judge or even say anything negative to me. When I told her what I needed, she just told me the price and she got it for me right away and even went ahead to explain to me how it works. I was so relieved.

So I took the first tablet at 6pm on a Thursday and I swallowed the Ibuprofen the next day at the same time. Then at 9pm, I used the other 4 tablets, and I was thrilled that I never felt any pain at all, the Ibuprofen really works miracles. The pregnancy passed later that night. Bled for some time and I have been spotting since then until when I got my first periods again on Christmas day.

I’m so grateful to the entire team at safe2choose. You were always there for me and answered each and every question I had even. When I was scared of the bleeding for a long time, you gave me the contacts to talk to in my country. I so much appreciate your support. It wasn’t an easy time for me. I was entirely alone in this and I did everything alone, but I was so lucky I had you for moral support and everything well. In case I have a friend who requires the same help, I’m sure I can always refer them to you. Thanks.

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