Anonymous, Age: 22

I was terrified. The pregnancy had come about the time I was to start at a new job and leave my partner. My symptoms were through the roof. I couldn’t keep food down, I couldn’t do anything in the house, and anything that could smell nauseated me. It was a very difficult time. Carrying out the procedure was just as scary. If I knew about the cramps beforehand, I wouldn’t have agreed to go ahead. It hurt so bad I passed out at one point and thought I would go crazy. Then, there was the fear of complications, but safe2choose was there. I was able to make the decision because I got a detailed breakdown of my options from the safe2choose team and a contact in my locality. When the fear of a complication came, I reached out to the team again and I got a response that calmed me down. To anyone debating this, it isn’t the easiest choice to make and whichever you take, you will live with it. safe2choose can give you support, but it would be based on what you tell them so you have to be honest. Only then can they help you.

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