Anonymous, Age: 28

I came across safe2choose website while i was looking for a safe way to end an unwanted pregnancy. I had no options, i had no support, i was overly stressed and time was running out fast since i was 10 weeks along.

I decided to contact the admin on their email. What an amazing support i received. You answered all my questions well, provided me with guidance with so much diligence and patience. I was overly touched by the love and support i received during that difficult period.

You did not judge me, but instead you provided me with a list of safe organisations which offered safe termination. Even after termination you provided immense support by checking on how i was doing emotionally. No words can ever describe my encounter with you, my partner and i will be forever grateful.

I will not hesitate to refer your services to other women (especially in Africa and other countries where abortion is illegal) who may find themselves in the same predicament i was in. You are one in a million. Thank you so much once more.

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