Abortion in Mali

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Abortion in Mali is still a sensitive subject and is therefore subject to legislative restrictions.

Is abortion legal in Mali?

Article 13 of the law on reproductive health states that any abortion that involves the use of means or substances with a view to inducing premature expulsion of the fetus, regardless of the time of pregnancy when this expulsion is performed, for any reason other than:

  • safeguarding the life of the pregnant woman; and
  • when the pregnancy is the established consequence of rape or an incestuous relationship, at the express request of the pregnant woman is illegal [1].

What types of abortion are available in Mali?

Mali, like other countries regulating abortion, authorizes both types of methods, including medical and surgical abortions.

What is the abortion rate in Mali? How many women have abortions?

In 2019, the abortion rate was estimated at 19% [2].

Abortion with pills (Medical Abortion)

Are the abortion pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) available in Mali?

Yes, abortion pills are included in the national nomenclature of drugs for human use [3].

How late into a pregnancy can the abortion pills be used?

The pills can be used up to 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Do I need a prescription for Mifepristone or Misoprostol?

Yes, abortion pills cannot be marketed without a medical prescription.

What brands of abortion pills are popular in Mali?

Misoprostol, which is available under the brand names Misoclear, Cytotec, Miso-Fem, and Misodia; and Mifepristone which, combined with Misoprostol, is available under the brand names Mifepak and Mifedia [3].

Mifepack pills for medical abortion in Mali

4 140 XOF

Photo of Misofem abortion pills in Mali

1 000 XOF

Cytotecal abortion pills in Mali
misoclear tablet price and instructions for use in Mali

How much do the abortion pills cost in Mali?

Misofem and Misoclear cost around 1,000 XOF, and Mifepak costs around 5,000 XOF, depending on the pharmacy [4].

In-clinic abortion

What are the different types of in-clinic abortion procedures available in Mali?

Abortion is performed either by the surgical method, generally manual intrauterine aspiration, or by medication with abortion pills.

Is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) safe?

Observational studies indicate that vacuum aspiration is associated with fewer complications than dilation and curettage [5].

Where can I get a Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) abortion in Mali?

In referral health centers as well as in public or private 2nd- and 3rd-referral health establishments.

Ipas equipment manual vacuum aspiration abortion mva

How much does Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) cost in Mali?

A surgical abortion costs, on average, 30,000 XOF to 150,000 XOF in Mali.

Are there any side effects of Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)?

The most common side effects associated with vacuum aspiration abortion include severe cramping during the procedure and often for a few days afterwards [6].

Who can I contact for more information in Mali?

For Post-Abortion Care (PAC) information and support, please contact:

Marie Stopes Mali
Confidential call
8000 11 88 (free number with Malitel)


By the safe2choose team and supporting experts at carafem, based on the 2019 recommendations by Ipas, and the 2012 recommendations by the WHO.