Age: 32 | October 20, 2016

My experience with the abortion pills was overall relatively easy. The pills are easy to use, the hardest part being the minimum of 24 hours to wait before taking the second pills. My pain was not much more than that of a heavy period although every experience is different and it’s my understanding sometimes the pain is like childbirth. My bleeding started within two hours and yes, it gushed for the first couple of hours but not a scary amount. I found that after the bleeding slowed, over the next couple of days I would get the occasional gush so just be prepared. The only pain medication I used was ibuprofen and it did the trick. The bleeding lasts longer than desired – coming up on three weeks, but the past week has been nothing more than spotting. There is always a risk involved with taking medications – just be cautious. Don’t take these pills alone, start taking painkillers as soon as you take the second medication and make sure you are within a short drive to the nearest hospital for the worst case scenario.

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