South Korea

South Korea

Age: 30 | March 23, 2017

My experience with safe2choose was very straight forward. The easiest way to contact them was via their website chat but they responded to my emails as well. If I had to choose again I’d prefer to be in a country, first of all, where abortion is legal and I could have access to a surgical abortion. I hear it is less painful and the bleeding doesn’t last as long. The medical (or pill) abortion quite painful. I took the Misoprostol tablets sublingually in case I needed emergency care and didn’t want the pills to be found in my vagina. I’m not sure if that was the cause but within an hour I was vomiting. If taking them vaginally would have lessened that side effect that would have been better. I had very strong, very painful cramps coming in waves (like birth contractions) for about 4 hours. I took Ibuprofen one hour beforehand which I’m glad I did because had I waited until the pain hit I wouldn’t have been able to keep the Ibuprofen down. Even drinking small sips of water would not stay in my stomach. The dry heaving was worse than the vomiting. I also had a heated pad and my floors are heated as well so I spent a lot of time on them. After 4 hours the cramps subsided, the gestional sac came out about 7 hours later. From there I had bleeding and cramps like normal period for about a week, and minor to no cramps with just spotting for another week. Almost all my pregnancy symptoms were gone within the day and tenderness in my breasts was gone in about a week. I’m so grateful that safe2choose offered this service.

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