Nigeria, 26 years old

I just met this new guy and the sex was great, we used condoms every time we had sex so I felt safe. I am still with my long time boyfriend who I had sex with but I practiced the withdrawal method. Then I missed my period, I had a pregnancy test and it was positive.

I have always been against abortion, but when it came to me, I then realized until you’ve been there you can’t judge them. I asked the guy what happened, then he discovered the condoms had expired.

The condoms had expired and I got pregnant

My world came crashing down, I was confused. I did not know what to do I could not keep the baby. So I asked a friend (a doctor) he told me about misoprostol and its usage. Although, the fist time I used it at 6 weeks nothing happened. Then I tried again before I was 12 weeks and it worked.

Now I’m free to continue with my life and stick to my longtime boyfriend. So I believe every girl has the right to choose to keep her pregnancy or not.

This is my story. I’m not an advocate of safe sex.

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