GG, United States, 23 years old

Every woman’s experience is different, but I am here to tell mine today. I hope this helps some women out there with their questions and hopefully eases some of the nervousness.

My abortion story:

I went to the clinic with my sister (yes there were protestors, they tried to grab my sister and walk her away, there were nice ladies in these rainbow vests that were there to keep us safe and walk us into the building). I parked my car in a different area, the ladies were nice enough to park my car in the correct area. Once I got inside, they were very welcoming, I signed in and did all of my paperwork. I was told to urinate in a cup, I did as I was told and gave it to the nurse.

Then I was told to go into a nice waiting room with comfy chairs and TV, there were magazines and books to read even a journal that had a lot of Girls stories about their experience and some motivational speeches. That eased some of the nervousness for me. I was then called in to take my blood, blood pressure, and temperature. I was given a prescription for birth control, they took me into another room to do the ultra sound, mine was vaginal, you just feel a little pressure. They didn’t allow me to see the pictures but I snuck a peak anyway, it was tiny like a lentil almost.

They said I was 7.5 weeks pregnant. I went back to the comfy room after the ultra sound and sat next to some girl that was very nice, she had a belly which did make me feel a bit uncomfortable but we were all there for the same thing. Another girl was so nice and said some nice words to us all in the room “you are all beautiful, I have 2 children already, I honestly can not afford to have another child, everyone has a different reason of being here today, but please remember you are strong and beautiful.” That was some encouraging another girl started crying but I knew they and myself were going to be okay.

The girl next to me began to color in one of the adult coloring books, she asked if I’d like to color a page, I decided to do so to help keep a calm state of mind. I got half way through, when I was called in to the counseling room for my information about the pill and it’s side effects. After all of the paperwork was given to me and explained I was given the first pill in the office and took that pill.

I was able to leave and go on about my day as normal. It was hard to go to sleep and I was tossing and turning about the entire thing and what would happen tomorrow. I did have some weird dreams as well. I eventually went to sleep, then woke up, a friend was supposed to come over (the “father” of the child was at work, he did give me funds to cover half of the costs for the abortion) she came up with an excuse, so I went over my sisters house that morning with my pills and ibuprofen.

I took the ibuprofen at 10:30, then the 4 pills in my cheeks at 11:00. I let them dissolve for 30 minutes, then washed the residue down with water. Literally 5 minutes later I had severe cramps (like a bad period) and some nausea. Yes, I did get sick like 10 minutes after swallowing the residue from the dissolved pills. But after wards I had some cramps.

I went to sleep, then woke up and passed a HUGE blood clot, I had some mild cramps. There are just cramps now that are light/moderate, but not severe. The cramps were only bad for about 10 minutes in the beginning then slowed down. All in all this whole experience lasted 1-6 hours.

Tomorrow is my birthday I hope I’m able to go enjoy my birthday and hang out with my family. Ladies just know that every woman’s experience is different. I do hope this helped some ladies in a way. Don’t let anyone tell you any negativity about your decision, you’ve got it! Stay strong.