safe2choose is the best! They are so discrete and precise in what they do, I love their work and how they treat women. Everything was perfect.


I received fast responses via email and live chat. They were attentive from the very beginning and they never judged the decision I made. Their services are safe and trustworthy, as oppose to others that just take advantage of your… Read more »


I found out about safe2choose through a local organization in my country, Red De Aborto Seguro. I recommend safe2choose because they help us maintain sovereignty over our bodies, supporting us through a delicate situation like the need to have an… Read more »


They were very attentive and supportive, always responding to emails with such kindness. All this was key in pulling me out of the sadness that I was drowning in because I felt that there were people out that that were… Read more »


The team helped me in coping with my anxiety and responded promptly to my needs in obtaining the necessary pills. I come from a lower-income background and was initially afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get help due to… Read more »


Simple process flow and pre-consultation in live chat before ordering was helpful for me as well. I felt safe because of the concerns they had and their communication. Especially the concern they had for my allergies. I was in a… Read more »