Everything was perfect! With such integrity, softness and kindness. Really very good. Thanks a lot safe2choose!


safe2choose is the right place if you have an unwanted pregnancy and don’t know what to do. They allow you to have conversations with their specialist and the distribution was on time. I’m very lucky because it was the first… Read more »


I was really scared, but everYthing has been OK. The safe2choose staff helped me all night long – they have been SUPER!


I have never dealt with more caring, understanding and helpful people in all my life. I would recommend this service to anyone that is in this difficult situation. I was very sceptical about ordering over the Internet but safe2choose made… Read more »


When I was worried with an unexpected pregnancy I reached out to safe2choose. They gave great information anytime I needed it- always checking in with me, giving me instructions, giving me peace of mind. I took the second set of… Read more »


My experience was great. I was really scared and desperate and safe2choose staff actually understood me and helped me a lot. I asked questions by email and they replied quickly. I felt comfortable to go on with the process. I… Read more »